Throwing money to garbage!! Because it looks ugly!!

World Environment Day (WED) is a day to remember that the Earth’s natural resources are limited, and to celebrate positive environmental actions that protect those resources. Food waste—which represents a third of all food produced globally—is a major area where the Earth’s resources could be used more responsibly.
Dedicated to all the Food Handelers on the event of ….

Carnival foods: Rio Carnival, Brazil

Carnivals are celebration of life, within the society of a particular place or group of peoples. In fact most of the carnivals are annual or seasonal in nature, but has the year long effect on culture, art, economy and sociology. And, religion, tradition, spirituality, cultural root and humanity play a major role behind the carnivals. But one thing that we often neglect to give focus, is – food. Rather to say, Carnival foods.
This time …